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About BWMT Atlanta

BWMT Atlanta is a gay multiracial, multicultural organization committed to fostering supportive environments wherein racial and cultural barriers can be overcome and the goal of human equality realized. To these ends we engage in educational, political, cultural, and social activities as a means of dealing with racism, sexism, homophobia, HIV/AIDS discrimination and other inequities in our community and in our lives. All who share our goals are welcome.

Featured Events

BWMT-Atlanta Dine-Out Night, December 20th

The December Dine-Out Night will be held at Athens Pizza on Saturday, December 20th at 7:30pm.  Athens Pizza is a long time family run restaurant that has not only endured, it has earned the respect of the community located near Emory University. 

Operational since 1996, Athens Pizza does it "Greek Style" with a variety of menu items including appetizers, speciality pizzas, soups and salads, pastas, wraps, subs and desserts.

Visit Athens Pizza online and check out the menu at http://athenspizzaatlanta.com/menu

Please RSVP with a YES or No!!!!


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