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About BWMT Atlanta

BWMT Atlanta is a gay multiracial, multicultural organization committed to fostering supportive environments wherein racial and cultural barriers can be overcome and the goal of human equality realized. To these ends we engage in educational, political, cultural, and social activities as a means of dealing with racism, sexism, homophobia, HIV/AIDS discrimination and other inequities in our community and in our lives. All who share our goals are welcome.

Featured Events

BWMT-Atlanta June 4, 2016

Join your fellow brothers of BWMT-Atlanta at 7:30pm on June 4th for our monthly potluck which will be held at the home of long time members Roy W and Wallace M.

Please bring a dish of your favorite food or dessert to share!!

*** The Potluck Entrance Fee for NON-MEMBERS is free for your "FIRST" potluck, $5.00 after that.  BWMT-Atlanta Members are free!  Membership does have its privileges!!

BWMT-Atlanta Bowling Night, June 11, 2016

Join your fellow brothers of BWMT-Atlanta as we hang out and get to know each other, and of course bowl!  FUNTIME BOWL has “Cosmic Bowling” every Saturday Night with black lights & awesome music!

Whether you are a competitive bowler, bowling for the first time, or you want to just hang out and watch, FUNTIME BOWL with BWMT is the place to be. Come hang out and see what everyone is talking about! See you at FUNTIME! And remember, if you don't bowl and just want to hang out, come on over! You'll have a great time with some great people.

BWMT-Atlanta June 19, 2016 Brunch

Founded in Marietta in 1996 by Jay McCann and Chris Brogdon, this popular neighborhood breakfast and lunch joint took off, expanding to more than 20 lo-cations throughout Georgia. Trying to keep its local appeal, the restaurant uses locally-produced food and adorns its walls with local art. Check out their website for seasonal specials:


Please be there by 12:00 pm so that we can all sit down at 12:30 together. As always, please reply to the invite with a YES or NO if you plan to attend.  MAYBE will be considered a NO!!!!

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